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The #DanceInTheCorner Project is a spotlight for different DMV area dancers ranging in a wide variety of styles! Each gallery shows off the skills in stills and are accompanied by a short interview. This blog post will be updated throughout the year.

Reginald Honore

CC: Where are you from?

RH: New Orleans, LA

CC: What is your style of dance?

RH: HipHop/Jazz-Contemperary

CC: What got you into Dance?:

RH: Dance is a stress relief for me. I used to play sports, but dance is more free for me.

CC: Who are your 3 Favorite Choreographers?:

RH: Justin Timberlake's choreographer; forget his name but I love him! Gary Beaufort from Detroit; the guy moves like butter and I'm trying to look like him! Lastly, Mrs. Zelda Simms; very contemporary, angelic and laid back.

CC: Random: What do you want for Christmas?

RH: All I want for Christmas is a chance, a shot. Everyone's getting an opportunity, so all I want is a piece of mine and trying to put this album out.

CC: So an album? What else do you do?

RH: "I'm also a singer! Looking to put out tons of new content in 2017!"

Where can people find you and your work at?

Instagram: @i_am_726

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