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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?

I am currently in Alexandria, VA.

Do you shoot weddings?

YES!  I am a co-owner of the wedding photography group RSWeddings.  To learn more and inquire for your wedding, please head over to the RSWeddings website!

Would you travel?

Of course!  I have absolutely no problems covering traveling for your session or event. I frequent parts of DC, Maryland, and Virginia but have also performed sessions in New York, Pennsylvania, Dominican Republic, Iceland, Puerto Rico, Guatemala and more!

What’s your style of photography?

I’m a very free, relaxed person and I like to make my clients feel the same in front of the lens.  I try to shy away from unnatural posing and make sure that the client first finds their comfort zone and then make simple adjustments.  I'd say a combination of modern and classic storytelling.


Is there any type of photography you don’t do?

I do not do Newborn Photography.  Maternity and small children from toddlers on are OK, but those first few days are something I am not comfortable with at this time.


What are your normal work hours?

A true entrepreneur is always working!  For Cornerstone Captures, I am always accepting inquiries (the most reliable way to reach me is to use the Contact Form).  However, I do try to schedule most photo opportunities on weekday evenings and weekends.

What’s the general turnaround time for photos?

I try to get returned within 2 weeks of the shoot depending on the current workload.


Do you work with animals?

Yes!  I work very well with pets--especially dogs.  Pets are part of the family as well!

You’re unavailable and we’re really in need.  Is there anything you can do?

OF COURSE!  “The Foundation for your Photography Needs” is more than just a company tagline.  If I am unavailable, I will reach out to the numerous photographers that I have worked with in the past that are ideal for your needs.  I understand my limitations by being “part-time”, so I have made it an effort to grow my list of photography acquaintances.  As the saying in the business goes, “There’s more than enough clients and subjects out there for us all.”


Do you do videography?

I do not provide any videography services.  Videography is an entirely different skill that I have little desire to take on in a professional setting at this time.  If you require a videographer, I can point you in the right direction.  Besides, if I'm recording the video, who's taking the photos?!

Do you provide make up artists (MUAs) for your photoshoots?

I do not.  Each and every person is unique and have their own preferences.  It is completely up to the client to provide their own hair and makeup.  Yet again, I do have recommendations, but it is the responsibility of the client to handle that situation.

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