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Lauren DeVera

The "Dance In The Corner" Project is a spotlight for different DMV area dancers ranging in a wide variety of styles! Each gallery shows off the skills in stills and are accompanied by a short interview.

Signature photo for Dance in the Corner with Lauren DeVera of Bahay Base.


I've had the pleasure of knowing Lauren for many years now. She may not have known, but when we were in college, I remember sitting in the student center for hours on end watching her and others practice their moves. The skill was most certainly evident. Lauren was known as "that dancing girl". Now that we're both in the Northern Virginia area, I spend many of my free Tuesdays in her hip hop classes!

What's your name?

Lauren DeVera

Where are you from?

Born in San Diego, raised in Nova.

What's your style of dance?

Fusion of styles, modern and urban styles.

How long have you been dancing?

Since I came out the womb! I Danced all the time around the house before my first ballet class at the age of 7.

When did you decide to want to teach dance and why?

After college graduation, I had an opportunity to teach dance in Bermuda. I fell in love with combining my passion for Dance with my compassion for people. It was a win-win! And it came so natural!

Who are your biggest influences in dance past and present?

My ballet professor at Old Dominion University. She made me fall in love with a style that I used to despise lol. She made ballet accessible to me and I fell in love with the quality and beauty of ballet.

My KODACHROME family! We disrupted the community and created something brand new. Up to this day it still has ripple effects on dancers today. It showed me what it meant to give back to a community.

My friends and colleagues! They've pushed me, spoke life into me and challenged me. Although I didn't have one specific mentor, seeing the growth in my friends inspired me to keep pursuing this art.

What's your favorite song out right now?

Oh man. That's so hard! I listen to multiple artists every day to feed different parts of my soul. Currently on rotation is Gold Link, Sango, Drake and Elevation worship!

What are you thinking about getting your mother for Mother's Day?

Lots of love. Lol just kidding. I'm seeing her in a few weeks in California, so I'm going to take her out on a date! Food will be involved :)

Where can people find you?




Come visit our new studio in Springfield! Would love to meet some new faces :)


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