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The "Dance In The Corner" Project is a spotlight for different DMV area dancers ranging in a wide variety of styles! Each gallery shows off the skills in stills and are accompanied by a short interview.


CC: Where are you from?

L: Born in Richmond, VA (Raised in Cincinnati, OH #WhoDey)

CC: What is your style of dance?

L: West African/Hip-Hop

CC: What about Cincinnati gave you inspiration?

L: My initial inspiration is my mom. She started my sister and I at a very young age. She kept it going, especially with me. So I've done ballet, tap, jazz, drill team, dance team, step team, cheerleader--she kept me in anything with rhythm. She was a Central Bell while she was in college at Central State, so I feel like I got my talent honest.

CC: Do you follow any other dancers for inspiration?

L: Ashley Everette. That girl dances my soul happy! I watch her on YouTube all day! Ashley and Jasmine Harper--who was on 'So You Think You Can Dance'--are awesome!

CC: Where in the DMV area do you dance?

L: I'm not in a group officially, but I take classes at "Dance Place" on 3225 H St. NE. The company that teaches West African is Coyaba Dance Theater. Coyaba Dance is actually about to celebrate their 20th anniversary with a show on March 11th and 12th at Dance Place. Tickets are $30 and can be purchased online.

CC: What was your favorite Christmas present growing up?

L: As a kid I was hype to open up any and every present. I didn't really have a favorite."

CC: What present as an adult would you like, since Christmas is closing in?

L: I'd really love to have a bill paid, but I'll settle for my parents coming to see me perform in March. This is actually going to be their first time seeing me on this stage.

CC: Where can people find you?

L: Instagram - ichinks

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