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HoliDC 2017


Holi, also known as the festival of colors, has its roots in ancient India and the practice of bhakti yoga. Krishna, the Sanskrit name for God, loves to have fun with his friends and family. He plays Holi, throwing colored powders, laughing through His mischievous ways. This festival is a chance for us to do the same, have a day full of laughter and lightheartedness.

My Experience:

This was my second time attending Holi DC and it was just as fun as the first time! The festival is a great place for food and fun. I've actually met and kept in touch with a few people that I met at my first festival and am certain I've gained new friends after this one. I always love going places after Holi DC to see people and their reactions. Kids always seem to get a kick out of the colorful face.

Tips for Attending:

  • Be happy and childish

  • Bring friends. Make friends.

  • Take a photo before and after

  • Wear white or at least something you don't really care about

  • Take a pair of sunglasses

  • Take towels to sit on when you're done

  • People are going to touch you. Probably on your face. It's going to be ok.

  • Take a bag with a zipper

  • This may sound icky....but blow your nose afterwards (it's actually kind of pretty in a snotty kind of way lol)

  • Be prepared to clean your shower/tub after you wash

Tips for Photographing:

If you have one, use a camera you don't mind getting messy

I personally used my first DSLR, my Canon T3i, with a 24-105mm lens. Neither of those I really use anymore, so it was perfect for me to take them with me. Many other people were out there with action cameras like GoPros and used selfie sticks to get what I can only imagine are awesome height shots.

Use a UV Filter and a lens hood

UV filters are basically clear lens caps as far as I'm concerned. You can get a cheap one for any size lens on Amazon or from your local camera shop. Lens hoods are useful and can be easily washed.

Cover your camera

The cheapest method of covering your camera is by using either cling wrap or cut plastic bags and duct tape. If you are a little more seasoned as a photographer, you may want to invest in a Storm Jacket. I've used both methods and they both work pretty well. However, don't try to chimp during the festival. It'll probably be too difficult and you'll negate the cover. If you go with the cling wrap or duct tape trick, be sure to factor in any actuation that your lens may do when zooming or focusing. You definitely wouldn't want build up in those crevasses.

Get a can of compressed air

Stop by your local home store and grab a few. No amount of covering is going to completely save your camera from being dusted.


Holi is an awesome Spring festival that's enjoyed by everyone. Please visit the full gallery below to see all of the shots taken from this year's festival.

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