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Aja's 30th Birthday


Aja is a long-time supporter (our first blog post way back when) and friend (some might argue family). We share a birthday and so for this year, our dirty 30, she wanted to link up and do a photo shoot. She had a simple idea of just getting in the studio, get a few numbered balloons and call it a day. I said "No way. The babies of May 12 can't be that basic." So I went on Amazon, got a balloon pump and got hundreds of balloons of all shapes and sizes from our local Party City. Because studio time is precious I decided to blow up the balloons the night before and transport them to the studio in the morning. You should have seen my apartment the night before! All in all, it took about 4 trips to get all of the balloons to the studio. Aja showed up with her MUA and friend Elissa (Above is a link to her Instagram page) who did a phenomenal job both before the session and touching up during breaks. Aja is a big part of my successes today as she was "my first model". Happy Birthday, Aja! Enjoy the photos below.


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